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Why, M&A of Private Business, different?

  What is an SME, Private Business? Any business with a revenue of INR 1 Cr to 300 Cr (USD 500K to 50 Mn) and is not listed in Stock exchange as Public Limited firm can be called a Small, Medium Enterprise and are usually Private Limited firms or Partnership firms. It can be a […]

IMPORTANCE OF “GO TO” Market strategy in Funding

Importance of “GO TO” Market in Funding You may be an established business, growing and scaling rapidly; a startup, after early success poised for expansion; a firm entering a new geography or launching a new product; you may wish to take your local business global, after an initial success in one or two countries. You […]

Why Valuation of your Business Important

Why Valuation of your Business Important Your organization may be a Start up toying with a Great Business Idea, with early success and a huge potential for growth. You may be an Organization already funded with Seed/Angel funding looking for Private Equity Series A, B or C. You may be an established business with a […]

Investors Perspective in Funding Your Venture

You may be a start up looking for Seed Funding or an early stage firm with a proven Business model, traction with early stage customers, striving to stabilize and grow with Angel Funding or a firm poised to scale rapidly after initial success and track record with Series A or Series B Funding or you […]

Are Business plans, a formality just to get Funding?

Are Business Plans just a tool for Funding? What is a Business Plan? Business Plan is a structured document that explains your Business idea, Business model, and Business strategy, Operations, Revenue model and positioning. It is strategy document which outlines how your business will sustain, grow and perform for or over a period of time. […]

Bottleneck Resources in Early stage start ups

Bottleneck Resources in Early Stage In the article on “Transitioning Idea(s) to Business”, I had talked about the importance of thinking various through aspects and documenting these in a concept note. I talked about our experiences pointing to various challenges being created by first time entrepreneurs by action choices that they make. One of the […]

Is Start up Consulting like serving Fast Food

Seeking Instant Gratification in Solution: The First-time Entrepreneur’s Challenge I was discussing with a mentor of mine about the nature of questions that I come across from prospects and those seeking suggestions. The pattern that I encountered was that wannabe entrepreneurs sought instant gratification and quick answers. They were disappointed with my approach of seeking […]

Why Market Surveys Mislead?

As a member of various social media groups for start-ups, I frequently encounter requests to fill in a survey form. These are online surveys pertaining to market research on areas like e-commerce, Quick Service Restaurant, Technical Training, Travel, e-Grocery, Real Estate, etc. I have attempted to respond to most of them and invariably, would abort […]

Role of Marketing in initial Days

Role of Marketing in Initial Days We see marketing as relevant from the early days – right from the stage when the idea is being transitioned into a business. Our Viewpoint Marketing pertains to sensing needs (stated & unstated) of the target market, serving these needs through products/services/solutions and thereby, satisfying the target market. Therefore […]

Seeking Partners – Start Up

There is an increasing trend in founders of business trying to seek help of various social media groups or various forums to find partners. These requests could be in the nature of: A founder from technology background seeking a co-founder who brings in expertise in marketing. A founder from marketing background seeking a co-founder who […]
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