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Sales, Marketing and Digital strategies

More often, we see established companies that are in Growth phase, face problems, especially in B2B like

1) Once leaders but now one among many to get new prospect attention

2) Find it difficult to even get short listed, after grueling preliminary customer evaluation.

3) Often the wins boil down to pricing, impacting profits & Contribution

4) Repeat orders become more difficult and even the few wins at lower prices are to retain customers at the expense of profits

5) Longer sales cycles add to more uncertainties on Growth and puts enormous pressure on Sales team. The prospects do not understand that we are the best choice and conversion ratios come down drastically.

6)There are many opportunities but unable to identify or address them

If you face any of the above that too when the market is seeing growth, increased competition and better volumes, you may have to study your complete Sales Cycle, Market positioning, your brand or corporate perception in the market place, differentiate your products or sales process or marketing communication to reposition and change customer perceptions, value proposition.

The above issues gets exponentially magnified if you are in E commerce or Web based business models in B2B or B2C or through indirect channels where direct customer interactions are limited and many times they are not even known.

ENSO can offer effective solutions by studying your Sales Process, Customer Perceptions to suggest improvements for better Alignment of Direct and Online Marketing activities and use appropriate measurements to evaluate and change the content and channels of communication.

ENSO can Prepare

1) Corporate or Brand Repositioning

2)Prepare or help prepare detailed Marketing Plan

3)Online, Social media and email marketing strategies and even prepare a series of Content marketing plans and run it for our customers which includes videos, Podcasts, Content writing, blogs, e books and plan periodicity of promotions on various social media channels to get better prospects and more leads.

4) Map the sales cycle to improve proposals and large account management for penetrative business to improve Direct sales effectiveness.

5) Implement a comprehensive, well aligned Marketing program and measure its effectiveness from time to time for fine tuning and get better returns on investments in marketing.

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