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IT Consulting

IT industries are unique in their Business models and involve Team work from different Technology skill sets. ENSO has immense experience in IT sector and we can help a Technology start up or Growth firms in Software Products, Services, Package Implementation, DOT COM and Networking. We understand multiple verticals and offer you the Right mix to position yourself and excel.

Our Service Portfolio for IT Firms are

  1. New Product or Service Strategy for new market or new practice
  2. Positioning and Structure
  3. SDLC Life Cycle Management
  4. Off Shore/Onsite methodology
  5. BOT (Build, Operate, Transfer) model for multinational IT firms coming to India
  6. SEI/CMM/ISO Initiatives
  7. Performance driven Talent Management
  8. Customer/Product Support
  9. Alliances


We offer Project Management Consultancy (PCS) to align your Business Strategy, Business Process to IT Strategy and Project Management is done from planning to Implementation to make sure your IT system contributes to business efficiency.

Apart from the above we can offer advise and Services for Online Business models, Dot com, eCommerce, Portals, Mobile computing and help companies to expand to international markets.

The IT Act 2008 and subsequent amendments provide guidelines for Information security, Digital transaction security, digital contracts and copy rights. We can offer consulting services so that firms can evaluate the current status and take proactive measures to ensure compliance to cyber laws.

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