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How to avail our services

Start Up Companies

Please send us the details like Name of the Promoter with complete Contact details and brief summary of your project to info@ensoconsultants.com

1) Consultation: You can Consult us over phone or in person regarding your Business Idea and explore the next steps for preparation of Business Plan, for Funding etc. The charges start from Rs 5000 and vary depending on the nature of Consultation and the Project. We need your project summary and any reports prepared for the project. To promote Student Entrepreneurs and First time start ups and Pre Project Consultations on ideas we charge only Rs 2000/

2) Screening & Validation: You have to send us your Business Plan, Project Report and we will inform you on Charges. We will analyze your Project for viability and Business success using our Framework. We will offer suggestions to improve the Business strategy and model so that it attracts investment and improves the confidence of Investors and Promoters. Only attractive, scalable projects will evoke interests for Funding and this step is crucial.

3) Funding: We can forward your Concept note to potential Angel/VC Investors thro our Partner eCoSystem. The investment decisions and negotiations will be between the Promoter and Investor. We do not charge for providing the Hand shake. The firm can try for Funding thro any other routes too.

4) Mentoring: The success of the project depends on early stage mentoring to field test the business idea, develop prototypes and guide the promoters during the entire Funding process. The Funding Process usually takes around 3-6 months and would involve meeting of promoters and prospective investors, due diligence and discussions on commercial terms. We will guide you thro the entire process and is a chargeable service.

The Start up can avail any of the other services from our Partner eCoSystem to incorporate the company and also expert advice or services needed for successful start.

Growth Companies

We offer the following services

Consultations  and Awareness Programs:

  • Cyber Laws and Compliance to IT Act 2008
  • Cyber Security
  • Medico Legal Compliance
  • Enterprise Risk Management and COSO Framework
  • Business Intelligence and Data driven decisions
  • Culture- Perspective

Consulting Services

  • Project Reports and Feasibility studies
  • System Study
  • Analysis
  • Evaluation
  • Recommendations

Execution Services

  • Implementation of Sales/Marketing/Operational Plan
  • IT Strategy and Implementation
  • Cyber Security, Cyber Laws Audit
  • Web Initiatives and Implementation
  • Management Consulting/Audits
  • BOT Model for IT companies
  • Healthcare IT evaluation, Implementation thro partners
  • Supervision of Quality Initiatives and Services leveraged through partners

Kindly write to us at info@ensoconsultants.com and we will get back to you on charges and duration.

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