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Healthcare is a priority sector and there is tremendous growth in Corporate Hospitals, Speciality chains, Radiology/Lab chains, Telemedicine and Teleradiology. Modern Technology, IT and best in class practices will define the future growth of Healthcare sector, which has started attracting export revenues thro medical tourism.

Managing Healthcare Institution is an art as it involves a diverse skill sets like Doctors, Specialists, and Nurses, Para Medical staff, Labs, Radiology, Pharmacy, Admin and Support staff. The processes and practices differ for each speciality, department and also depending on the nature of institution like Private, Government, Trust, Medical college Hospital, a polyclinic or a primary healthcare centre. We can offer the following services

Healthcare Project

  1. Project Strategy analysis, attractiveness using 9 C Framework
  2. Project Appraisal, Business planning for Hospitals, Clinics, Speciality chains and Laboratories and other paramedical chains and wellness clinics
  3. Operational model and plan covering Inventory, Pharmacy, Nursing, Appointments, Billing, ADT, Equipments, Infection Control, ICT Infrastructure, Housekeeping, Fleet Management, Canteen and all support services
  4. Investment advisory services
  5. Consulting and training on Entrepreneurship, to Medical professionals including basics of finance
  6. Consulting for NABH/NABL Accreditations and allied services using our partners

Healthcare IT

  1. IT Strategy, evaluation and selection of IT Healthcare Software
  2. Telemedicine and Teleradiology
  3. Requirements study, evaluation and implementation of Healthcare ERP modules using our partners
  4. Healthcare IT Messaging protocols like HIPPA, HL 7, HICOL and other specific Healthcare related standards on Drug codification, EMR (Electronic Medical Records), EHR (Electronic Health Records)
  5. Streamlining ADT (Admissions, Discharge, Transfer) processes, Work flow and building clinical modules (cardiology, dentistry, ophthalmology etc) and modules for specific departments (Operation Theatre, Maternity, Neo natal, ICU, IMU, ICCU).
  6. Data Security, Medical records and Compliance as per Medico Legal provisions
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