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Growth and Expansion

Growth ensues when Operations are aligned with strategy and Expansion is when Execution meets the expectations of the customer. Managing the Performance and Risk will ensure a smooth Growth trajectory without too many surprises.

A detailed study using our unique 9 C Framework for Strategic Analysis and Operational Alignment will identify Problem areas and Growth opportunities so that Firms can take suitable measures to set the direction right and deploy resources and funds.

Excellence is when Execution is seamless and IT strategy follows operational model.

The new Digital age demands extensive use of IT and web. We can add value to your digital initiatives like Online sales, Data driven marketing, Social media leveraging, Portals, eBusiness , eCommerce , Mobile computing or a multi layered BI (Business Intelligence) which integrates with your business strategy. Digital Security and Compliance enhances Control and multiply the confidence levels of your customers.

We also offer Consulting service on Cyber Laws which has stipulated multiple clauses relating to Digital Contracts, Digital security, Copy rights, Digital communication and Cyber Fraud.  The Top Management is directly responsible for compliance as per IT Act 2008.You can consult us to know about your compliance.

Enso can contribute in refining Operations, expand the reach and forge sustainable relationships.


1) Consulting: We offer Consulting Services for New Product/New Market entry, Expansion, Strategies to improve Top/Bottom line, Sales/Marketing, Digital initiatives, Scalability, Performance management, Cyber Laws/Security, streamlining business processes and Alliance or partner engagement models.

2)Business/Operational Plans: We prepare Business Plans, Sales/Marketing Plans for Debt/VC/PE Funding, Internal execution management , Corporate restructuring and M&A.

3)Valuation: We can conduct Business due diligence, detailed Valuation, Business restructuring for Funding, M&A and offer consulting services for post merger integration.

4) Agreements/Documents: We can provide various types of Business Agreements, Partner Agreements, ESOP Policies,  Process Documents and Departmental  policy documents, Employee manual, HR Appraisal process and documents to suit various businesses and operations. The standards will be to suit international operations and will fit ISO/SEI/CMM/NABH standards wherever applicable.

5) Investment Advisory: We can offer Investment advisory for Debt/Equity/IPO for expansion, Alliances, M&A and Franchise operations and have tie ups with Investment bankers and select institutions.

6) Affiliate of Business Power Tools, US: We offer tools, Templates and Work sheets to plan your Marketing and Sales activities and how to improve Customer Acquisition and Retention. These collaborative tools help you to monitor various promotions and its effectiveness

Services Portfolio

Affiliate of Business Power ToolsMarketing Builder is a tool to define the Plan and Strategy
small business start up marketing strategy plan cloud software app template
Enterprise RiskKnow your Risk and Returns.
Are you Cyber Law Compliant?Check with us.

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