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Funding Advisory

We can offer Investment/Funding strategies for Start Up or Expansion phases of a Business and also offer strategic consulting services for Mergers, Acquisitions or collaborations. We advise appropriate Funding Option, Risk and returns and also refer to our Investment Partners.

We offer Investment Advisory Services for

  • Start up Firms
  • Growth and Expansion
  • Turn Around
  • M&A

The following are the specific areas of Funding which we handle

  1. Angel/Seed Funding
  2. PE, VC Funding Series A, B, C
  3. Debt Funding thro Banks, Financial Institutions
  4. Large ticket international funding thro GDRs CP, International Institutions/listing Assistance
  5. Government Grants
  6. Self Financing models by changing business models
  7. Turning around and rehabilitate sick units with BIFR etc
  8. M&A Deal structuring
  9. Valuation Services for valuation of equity or company prior to IPO/PE Funding or M&A

Our Investment Advisory Services

  • Project Reports, Appraisals and Financials
  • Strategy Consulting
  • Valuation of the Company
  • Decide on appropriate Funding model
  • Represent the organization, Mentor during Funding and post funding
  • Deal structuring


  • Well Experienced panel consisting of CXO, CFO level Senior professionals
  • We have tie ups with Investing firms, Angel investors and relationships with banks
  • We have worked closely with BIG 5, Statutory auditors, Consultants
  • Experience in dealing with S & P, Moody’s, CRISIL and we will be able structure the funding based on international credit ratings/standards
  • We understand what PE firms want as we provide some services like due diligence to them
  • With Industry experience, we can advise on appropriate funding model and risk mitigation techniques
  • We will help you to refine your operational and compliance models as per standards
  • Offer Functional retainers if required to guide early stage or expansion
  • Partner eCoSystem to leverage expertise and skill sets


STEP 1: Verification and Validation of Business Model, Projections, and Revenue streams. Client sends all the details like Project brief, Elevator Pitch, Financial projections for our study and corrects them based on our recommendations. (Phone, e mail, skype). Duration may be a week or a fortnight.

STEP 2: Free Listing in ENSO, in our Investment Network and at least 2-3 Angel Investment sites in India

STEP 3: Routing of Responses to you

Step 4: Upon Successful Funding, 1% of Funding Value as Finder’s Fee.

Additional Services for Start up during Funding Process (Chargeable)

1) Preparation of Business Financials, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Sales/Marketing, P/L, Funds Utilization for 5 years

2) Valuation of your start up Business

3) End to End mentoring during Funding cycle, Alignment of Strategy to Business operations, Participate in investor meetings with client,  Funding Negotiations, advisory on Term Sheet, Due diligence and Pre/Post Funding Compliance frame work

Is your Financial plan aligned with Business OperationsConsult us to evaluate your Financials, Strategy and Funding options
What is your ValuationMillion Dollar question to many Start ups and Growth Firms. We can help you in Valuation so that you can confidently approach investors. To know more contact us
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