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ENSO consultants’ focus is to help Organizations achieve the Balance with ever changing Environment be it a Start Up, Growth or matured organization.

Our portfolio covers an entire gamut of Management Consulting, including Investment advisory and Funding. We use 9CTM Strategic Framework for analysis.

ENSO has a Partner eCoSystem to help you with best in class expertise on select verticals or functions and suggest the best course to your leadership/board.

We will be keen to work with you and when creativity balances with Reality, there is Success.


Life Coaching  Sessions for Individuals

We all as individuals wish to achieve our balance to face life which is full of polar opposites. We need to handle adversity and prosperity with equanimity which Zen talks about as Middle path. Mohan with a wealth of experience  in HR has formulated a series of programs called “Life Coach”.

“Life Coach” will help you to understand your purpose, meet the challenges of Life and help you handle your roles effectively. There are specific courses for employees turning into entrepreneurs or a doctor becoming an owner of a business and the like. These sessions will help you find your feet on the ground when encountered with crisis and help you find the goal of your life without being swayed by the waves of changes.

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Practitioner's Guide to Training & Development" by Mohan Bangaruswamy
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