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About ENSO

Enso in Zen is a Circle drawn on one or two free brush strokes to express a moment when mind is free for spontaneous creativity to happen.

The symbol, not a perfect circle shows the gap between perfection and reality or ideal and actual. “Self Awareness” is becoming a corporate phenomenon for businesses to introspect, know where they are vis-à-vis their peers and competition. The Business Environment is changing continuously and Corporate Awareness is paramount to understand the gaps and respond to changing realities.  We at Enso help you in the process and offer ideas, strategies to make right adjustments for seamless execution and achieve success.

ENSO consultants’ focus is to help Organizations achieve the Balance with ever changing Environment be it a Start Up, Growth or matured organization.

Our portfolio covers an entire gamut of Management Consulting, including Investment advisory and Funding. We can take up M&A of Small and Medium businesses and help them to find the right buyer and advise on improving the business value after Analysis and Valuation.

Our”Enso 9C” Strategic Framework for analysis, helps Start up and Growth firms to verify and validate business assumptions and help cross check with customer realities.

IT plays a vital role in defining the new age business models and our IT consulting services will help you to keep  pace with the use of latest digital technologies in order to achieve the continuous edge over competition. With over decades of experience in IT Industry, we can help Technology start ups, IT Product, Services firms and DOT com businesses to refine their strategy and operations.

ENSO has a Partner eCoSystem to help you with best in class expertise on select verticals or functions and suggest the best course to your leadership and board.

We will be keen to work with you and when creativity balances with Reality, there is Success.

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  • IT & Healthcare Consulting

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